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Storing whole files to sit on servers behind a passcode doesn’t cut it anymore.

Add the Amefist Vault to your creator stack and keep your private digital data safe and secure.

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With our diffused storage technology, your digital goods are double-wrapped.

Load Your File.
Create and cast out your gems.
Delete the original file.
Update as much as you need to, or just let it sit safely.
Either way, it’s up to you.

That's it. Revive. Rinse. Repeat.

The data is only readable when those gems of data are brought back together… by you. Even if someone gets access to one, the data they receive is still useless. And there’s no chance of revival – because they need all of the gems plus your authentication in order to revive and access your file.




Seed 🌱

One digital vault, please.
Store your most vital, private data with post-quantum cryptography.

What’s included
  • Bullet Point.
    One Amefist Vault
  • Bullet Point.
    Seed Phrase Protection
  • Bullet Point.
    Unlimited Revivals
  • Bullet Point.
    Community Access
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Peach 🍑

Just the right amount.
Store even more, and keep control
of your digital life.

What’s included
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    5 Vaults
  • Bullet Point.
    Seed Phrase Protection
    for 5 Wallets
  • Bullet Point.
    Unlimited Revivals
  • Bullet Point.
    Community Access
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Protect your:

Seed Phrases
Wills & PoA
Travel Documents
Insurance Documents
Contact Information
Mortgage Papers
STI Screening Results
Cycle Tracking
Evidence from Abuse
Victim Impact Statements
Personal Nudes
Whatever matters most.


Join a new revolution in digital protection.

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