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Opening Opensea without becoming a victim of Blindsigning

June 7, 2022

First off – Blindsigning, Opensea, what?

Yep. It's another one! Another crypto post.

We're sorry to all of the San Francisco peeps who are like "ugh, another crypto piece on a startup's site?" but yep! Here it is.

Ladies, we are being hacked at an astounding rate.

26% of women feel their information is private, and with thing like this out there, we aren't surprised.

(That number, by the way, drives what we do – we want to bring those numbers up!)

So here we are.

This isn't a long post: this is a PSA.

If you login to OpenSea – double check your address bar. is the only site you should be visiting.
Anything else isn't for you.

Blindsigning preys on the fact that you trust what your address bar says. The scam is a prime example of this.

If you see any other ending, like a .com or any other shit, don't open it.

It's a scam.

That's all!


Your Amefist Ladies.

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