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5 tips for creating a chastity belt of a password

July 1, 2022

Most people use passwords that can be easily guessed, but with these 5 tips you can create a strong password that is much harder to crack. With stronger and stronger computers involved in password hacking, we're up to eight words – even back in 2014, we were up to six. Here are five ways to help build a chastity belt for your password:

Hold up. What is a strong password and why do you need one.

In the era of online privacy concerns, password protection has become more important than ever. But as hackers get more sophisticated, it's not enough to just choose a difficult password – it has to be long enough to foil their computers, too. And in the future, when quantum computers are able to break even the longest passwords, we'll all have to start using password managers anyways. So if you're looking to protect your privacy, choose a long and strong password and rest easy knowing that you're ahead of the curve.

2. Use a variety of character types in your password

Not only should your password be long, but it should also include a mix of different character types.  That means upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

3. Don't use easily guessed words

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how often people use words like "password" or their birthdays in their passwords. If a hacker knows you, they might be able to guess these easily.

Keep away from easy to guess word such as:

– Names of your pets, your partners, and the places you've lived.

– Sports teams and musicians

– Cars you've driven and the names of any kids in your family

– Activities. Don't use the word of an activity such as "Amaz0n" or "Sh0pping" – those are so widely used that they're already ripe for a hacking.

4. Use a password manager

A password manager is a program that generates and stores strong passwords for you. That way, you only have to remember one master password (which should be long and strong, of course).

For full data protection, we also recommend creating a simple database, and then using the Amefist Vault to store it securely.

5. Use a mnemonic device.

One way to create a strong password that is easy to remember is by using a mnemonic device. This is a trick you can use to help you remember a string of random letters or numbers.

For example, the word "password" can be turned into "My very eager mother just served us nine pizzas". To create  a mnemonic device, you can use the first letter of each word to create a string of random letters: Mvemus9p.

Tips for keeping your password safe and secure

Even with strong passwords, it's important to take other precautions to keep your data safe. Here are three tips for keeping your password safe and secure:

1. Don't share your password with anyone

This one is pretty self-explanatory – don't share your password with anyone, not even your partner or best friend.

2. Change your password regularly

Even if you have a strong password, it's important to change it regularly – at least every few months. This helps to keep your data safe in case your password is ever compromised.

3. Use two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that requires you  to enter a code from your phone in addition to your password. This makes it much harder for hackers to gain access to your account, even if they have your password.

With these tips, you can create a strong password that will help to keep your data safe and secure.

Following these tips is essential in keeping your digital presence secure. Creating a strong password that is difficult to crack can be easier than you think. With these five tips, you can create a chastity belt for your passwords that will be much harder to hack.

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